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SampleCapillaryPressureEngine Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  {
  wall_bottom = 0, wall_top, wall_left, wall_right,
  wall_front, wall_back

internal index values for retrieving walls

Public Member Functions

virtual void action ()
virtual void callPostLoad (void)
virtual void checkPyClassRegistersItself (const std::string &thisClassName) const
void computeStressStrain ()
 Compute stresses on walls as "Vector3r stress[6]", compute meanStress, strain[3] and mean strain.
Real ComputeUnbalancedForce (bool maxUnbalanced=false)
 Compute the mean/max unbalanced force in the assembly (normalized by mean contact force)
void controlExternalStress (int wall, Vector3r resultantForce, State *p, Real wall_max_vel)
 Regulate the stress applied on walls with flag wall_XXX_activated = true.
void controlInternalStress (Real multiplier)
 Regulate the mean stress by changing spheres size, WARNING : this function assumes that all dynamic bodies in the problem are spheres.
virtual string getBaseClassName (unsigned int i=0) const
virtual int getBaseClassNumber ()
Vector3r getStress (int boundId)
 ! Getter for stress in python
virtual bool isActivated ()
bool operator!= (const Serializable &other)
bool operator== (const Serializable &other)
virtual boost::python::dict pyDict () const
virtual void pyHandleCustomCtorArgs (boost::python::tuple &args, boost::python::dict &kw)
virtual void pyRegisterClass (boost::python::object _scope)
virtual void pySetAttr (const std::string &key, const boost::python::object &value)
std::string pyStr ()
 string representation of this object
void pyUpdateAttrs (const boost::python::dict &d)
template<class ArchiveT >
void serialize (ArchiveT &ar, unsigned int version)
void updateParameters ()
void updateStiffness ()
 update the stiffness of boundary-packing interaction (sum of contacts stiffness on the boundary)
 YADE_CLASS_BASE_DOC (GlobalEngine, Engine,"Engine that will generally affect the whole simulation (contrary to PartialEngine).")
 YADE_CLASS_BASE_DOC_ATTRS_CTOR_PY (SampleCapillaryPressureEngine, TriaxialStressController,"Rk: this engine has to be tested withthe new formalism. It produces the isotropic compaction of an assembly and allows to controlled the capillary pressure inside (uses Law2_ScGeom_CapillaryPhys_Capillarity).",((Real, Pressure, 0,,"Value of the capillary pressure Uc=Ugas-Uliquid (see Law2_ScGeom_CapillaryPhys_Capillarity). [Pa]"))((bool, pressureVariationActivated, 1,,"Is the capillary pressure varying?"))((bool, fusionDetection, 1,,"Is the detection of menisci overlapping activated?"))((bool, binaryFusion, 1,,"If yes, capillary force are set to 0 when, at least, 1 overlap is detected for a meniscus. If no, capillary force is divided by the number of overlaps."))((Real, PressureVariation, 0,,"Variation of the capillary pressure (each iteration). [Pa]"))((Real, UnbalancedForce, 1,,"mean resultant forces divided by mean contact force"))((Real, StabilityCriterion, 0.01,,"tolerance in terms of :yref:'TriaxialCompressionEngine::UnbalancedForce' to consider the packing as stable"))((Real, SigmaPrecision, 0.001,,"tolerance in terms of mean stress to consider the packing as stable")), Phase1=false;Phase1End="Compacted";firstRun=true;,) DECLARE_LOGGER
 YADE_CLASS_BASE_DOC_ATTRS_INIT_CTOR_PY (TriaxialStressController, BoundaryController,"An engine maintaining constant stresses on some boundaries of a parallepipedic packing.",((unsigned int, stiffnessUpdateInterval, 10,,"target strain rate (./s)"))((unsigned int, radiusControlInterval, 10,,""))((unsigned int, computeStressStrainInterval, 10,,""))((Real, wallDamping, 0.25,,"wallDamping coefficient - wallDamping=0 implies a (theoretical) perfect control, wallDamping=1 means no movement"))((Real, thickness,-1,,""))((int, wall_bottom_id, 0,,"id of boundary ; coordinate 1-"))((int, wall_top_id, 0,,"id of boundary ; coordinate 1+"))((int, wall_left_id, 0,,"id of boundary ; coordinate 0-"))((int, wall_right_id, 0,,"id of boundary ; coordinate 0+"))((int, wall_front_id, 0,,"id of boundary ; coordinate 2+"))((int, wall_back_id, 0,,"id of boundary ; coordinate 2-"))((bool, wall_bottom_activated, true,,""))((bool, wall_top_activated, true,,""))((bool, wall_left_activated, true,,""))((bool, wall_right_activated, true,,""))((bool, wall_front_activated, true,,""))((bool, wall_back_activated, true,,""))((Real, height, 0,,""))((Real, width, 0,,""))((Real, depth, 0,,""))((Real, height0, 0,,""))((Real, width0, 0,,""))((Real, depth0, 0,,""))((Real, sigma_iso, 0,,"prescribed confining stress (see :yref:`TriaxialStressController::isAxisymetric`)"))((Real, sigma1, 0,,"prescribed stress on axis 1 (see :yref:`TriaxialStressController::isAxisymetric`)"))((Real, sigma2, 0,,"prescribed stress on axis 2 (see :yref:`TriaxialStressController::isAxisymetric`)"))((Real, sigma3, 0,,"prescribed stress on axis 3 (see :yref:`TriaxialStressController::isAxisymetric`)"))((bool, isAxisymetric, true,,"if true, sigma_iso is assigned to sigma1, 2 and 3 (applies at each iteration and overrides user-set values of s1,2,3)"))((Real, maxMultiplier, 1.001,,"max multiplier of diameters during internal compaction (initial fast increase - :yref:`TriaxialStressController::finalMaxMultiplier` is used in a second stage)"))((Real, finalMaxMultiplier, 1.00001,,"max multiplier of diameters during internal compaction (secondary precise adjustment - :yref:`TriaxialStressController::maxMultiplier` is used in the initial stage)"))((Real, max_vel, 0.001,,"Maximum allowed walls velocity [m/s]. This value superseeds the one assigned by the stress controller if the later is higher. max_vel can be set to infinity in many cases, but sometimes helps stabilizing packings. Based on this value, different maxima are computed for each axis based on the dimensions of the sample, so that if each boundary moves at its maximum velocity, the strain rate will be isotropic (see e.g. :yref:`TriaxialStressController::max_vel1`)."))((Real, previousStress, 0,,""))((Real, previousMultiplier, 1,,""))((bool, internalCompaction, true,,"Switch between 'external' (walls) and 'internal' (growth of particles) compaction."))((Real, meanStress, 0,,"Mean stress in the packing."))((Real, volumetricStrain, 0,,"Volumetric strain (see :yref:`TriaxialStressController::strain`)."))((Real, externalWork, 0,,"Energy provided by boundaries.")),, first=true;stiffness.resize(6);previousTranslation.assign(Vector3r::Zero());for(int i=0;i< 6;++i){normal[i]=stress[i]=force[i]=Vector3r::Zero();stiffness[i]=0;}normal[wall_bottom].y()=1;normal[wall_top].y()=-1;normal[wall_left].x()=1;normal[wall_right].x()=-1;normal[wall_front].z()=-1;normal[wall_back].z()=1;porosity=1;,.def_readonly("strain",&TriaxialStressController::strain,"Current strain (logarithmic).").def_readonly("porosity",&TriaxialStressController::porosity,"Porosity of the packing.").def_readonly("boxVolume",&TriaxialStressController::boxVolume,"Total packing volume.").def_readonly("spheresVolume",&TriaxialStressController::spheresVolume,"Total volume pf spheres.").def_readonly("max_vel1",&TriaxialStressController::max_vel1,"see :yref:`TriaxialStressController::max_vel` |ycomp|").def_readonly("max_vel2",&TriaxialStressController::max_vel2,"see :yref:`TriaxialStressController::max_vel` |ycomp|").def_readonly("max_vel3",&TriaxialStressController::max_vel3,"see :yref:`TriaxialStressController::max_vel` |ycomp|").def("stress",&TriaxialStressController::getStress,(python::arg("id")),"Return the mean stress vector acting on boundary 'id', with 'id' between 0 and 5.")) DECLARE_LOGGER

Public Attributes

Real boxVolume
 Value of box volume.
< Law2_ScGeom_CapillaryPhys_Capillarity
bool firstRun
 is this the beginning of the simulation, after reading the scene?
Vector3r force [6]
Real max_vel1
Real max_vel2
Real max_vel3
Vector3r normal [6]
bool Phase1
 is isotropicInternalCompactionFinished?
std::string Phase1End
Real porosity
 Sample porosity.
Real position_back
Real position_bottom
Real position_front
Real position_left
Real position_right
Real position_top
boost::array< Vector3r, 6 > previousTranslation
 Stores the value of the translation at the previous time step, stiffness, and normal.
Real spheresVolume
 Value of spheres volume (solid volume)
vector< Real > stiffness
 The value of stiffness (updated according to stiffnessUpdateInterval)
Vector3r strain
Vector3r stress [6]
 The values of stresses.
shared_ptr< TimingDeltastimingDeltas
 precise profiling information (timing of fragments of the engine)
TimingInfo timingInfo
 high-level profiling information; not serializable
int wall_id [6]
 real index values of walls in the Scene

Detailed Description

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