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Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_ScGeom Class Reference

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Public Types

typedef _ArgumentTypes ArgumentTypes
typedef _DispatchType1 DispatchType1
typedef _DispatchType2 DispatchType2
typedef _ReturnType ReturnType

Public Member Functions

virtual void callPostLoad (void)
virtual string checkOrder () const
virtual void checkPyClassRegistersItself (const std::string &thisClassName) const
 FUNCTOR2D (Sphere, Sphere)
virtual std::string get2DFunctorType1 (void)
virtual std::string get2DFunctorType2 (void)
virtual string getBaseClassName (unsigned int i=0) const
virtual int getBaseClassNumber ()
virtual vector< string > getFunctorTypes ()
virtual _ReturnType go (Parm1, Parm2, Parm3, Parm4)
virtual _ReturnType go (Parm1, Parm2, Parm3, Parm4, Parm5)
virtual _ReturnType go (Parm1, Parm2, Parm3)
virtual _ReturnType go (Parm1, Parm2, Parm3, Parm4, Parm5, Parm6)
virtual bool go (const shared_ptr< Shape > &cm1, const shared_ptr< Shape > &cm2, const State &state1, const State &state2, const Vector3r &shift2, const bool &force, const shared_ptr< Interaction > &c)
virtual _ReturnType go (Parm1, Parm2, Parm3, Parm4, Parm5, Parm6, Parm7)
virtual _ReturnType go (Parm1)
virtual _ReturnType go (Parm1, Parm2)
virtual bool goReverse (const shared_ptr< Shape > &cm1, const shared_ptr< Shape > &cm2, const State &state1, const State &state2, const Vector3r &shift2, const bool &force, const shared_ptr< Interaction > &c)
virtual _ReturnType goReverse (Parm1, Parm2)
virtual _ReturnType goReverse (Parm1, Parm2, Parm3, Parm4)
virtual _ReturnType goReverse (Parm1)
virtual _ReturnType goReverse (Parm1, Parm2, Parm3, Parm4, Parm5, Parm6, Parm7)
virtual _ReturnType goReverse (Parm1, Parm2, Parm3)
virtual _ReturnType goReverse (Parm1, Parm2, Parm3, Parm4, Parm5)
virtual _ReturnType goReverse (Parm1, Parm2, Parm3, Parm4, Parm5, Parm6)
bool operator!= (const Serializable &other)
bool operator== (const Serializable &other)
virtual boost::python::dict pyDict () const
virtual void pyHandleCustomCtorArgs (boost::python::tuple &args, boost::python::dict &kw)
virtual void pyRegisterClass (boost::python::object _scope)
virtual void pySetAttr (const std::string &key, const boost::python::object &value)
std::string pyStr ()
 string representation of this object
void pyUpdateAttrs (const boost::python::dict &d)
 REGISTER_CLASS_AND_BASE (Functor2D, Functor FunctorWrapper)
template<class ArchiveT >
void serialize (ArchiveT &ar, unsigned int version)
 YADE_CLASS_BASE_DOC (IGeomFunctor, Functor,"Functor for creating/updating :yref:`Interaction::geom` objects.")
 YADE_CLASS_BASE_DOC_ATTRS (Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_ScGeom, IGeomFunctor,"Create/update a :yref:`ScGeom` instance representing intersection of two :yref:`Spheres<Sphere>`.",((Real, interactionDetectionFactor, 1,,"Enlarge both radii by this factor (if >1), to permit creation of distant interactions.\n\nInteractionGeometry will be computed when interactionDetectionFactor*(rad1+rad2) > distance.\n\n.. note::\n\t This parameter is functionally coupled with :yref:`Bo1_Sphere_Aabb::aabbEnlargeFactor`, which will create larger bounding boxes and should be of the same value.\n\n.. warning::\n\tFunctionally equal class :yref:`Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_Dem3DofGeom` (which creates :yref:`Dem3DofGeom` rather than :yref:`ScGeom`) calls this parameter :yref:`distFactor<Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_Dem3DofGeom::distFactor>`, but its semantics is *different* in some aspects."))((bool, avoidGranularRatcheting, true,,"Granular ratcheting is mentioned in [GarciaRojo2004]_, [Alonso2004]_, [McNamara2008]_.\n\n""Unfortunately, published papers tend to focus on the \"good\" ratcheting, i.e. irreversible deformations due to the intrinsic nature of frictional granular materials, while a 2004 talk of McNamara in Paris clearly mentioned a possible \"bad\" ratcheting, purely linked with the formulation of the contact laws in what he called \"molecular dynamics\" (i.e. Cundall's model, as opposed to \"contact dynamics\" from Moreau and Jean).\n\n""The bad ratcheting is best understood considering this small elastic cycle at a contact between two grains: assuming b1 is fixed, impose this displacement to b2:\n\n""#. translation *dx* in the normal direction\n""#. rotation *a*\n""#. translation *-dx* (back to the initial position)\n""#. rotation *-a* (back to the initial orientation)\n\n\n""If the branch vector used to define the relative shear in rotation×branch is not constant (typically if it is defined from the vector center→contactPoint), then the shear displacement at the end of this cycle is not zero: rotations *a* and *-a* are multiplied by branches of different lengths.\n\n""It results in a finite contact force at the end of the cycle even though the positions and orientations are unchanged, in total contradiction with the elastic nature of the problem. It could also be seen as an *inconsistent energy creation or loss*. Given that DEM simulations tend to generate oscillations around equilibrium (damped mass-spring), it can have a significant impact on the evolution of the packings, resulting for instance in slow creep in iterations under constant load.\n\n""The solution to avoid that is quite simple in the case of linear-elastic laws: use a constant branch vector, which is what this functor does by default.")))
 YADE_CLASS_BASE_DOC_ATTRS_CTOR_PY (Functor, Serializable,"Function-like object that is called by Dispatcher, if types of arguments match those the Functor declares to accept.",((string, label,,,"Textual label for this object; must be valid python identifier, you can refer to it directly fron python (must be a valid python identifier).")),,.def_readonly("timingDeltas",&Functor::timingDeltas,"Detailed information about timing inside the Dispatcher itself. Empty unless enabled in the source code and O.timingEnabled==True.").add_property("bases",&Functor::getFunctorTypes,"Ordered list of types (as strings) this functor accepts."))

Public Attributes

 updated before every dispatch loop by the dispatcher; DO NOT ABUSE access to scene, except for getting global variables like scene->dt.
shared_ptr< TimingDeltastimingDeltas

Detailed Description

Definition at line 9 of file Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_ScGeom.hpp.

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